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Self Sabotage: The Struggle To Push Forward

4 ways To Help You Push Past The Self-Sabotage in Your Business

If you struggle with self sabotage, then this is the read for you. I believe many entrepreneurs will struggle with self sabotage at least once...or five times in their life... this week. The inability to manage our fears and emotions when a new opportunity or new goal is set before you can cause us to sabotage that next level of greatness.

Fear, doubt, uncertainty, and a lack of identity can attribute to your sabotage.

Here are a few tips I put into place to help push past my sabotage.

Tip #1 - Let God Remind You of How Amazing You Are

I am learning to hear God's voice. Spend time in your word and in prayer, not only presenting the things you need help with, but also have "quiet time" for God to speak. Your time with God is relational...just like having brunch with your bestie, you want to have great conversation. This means actually giving God space to speak to the cares of your heart and speak to the goals that He wants you to accomplish in your business.

Tip #2 - Keep a Journal

How sacred can a journal be?! I remember in high school, my journal was on Bible level sacred. I kept it in a box within a box with a lock on it. Learn to use your journal of not only what is going on in your life, but take note on your prayer requests and how God answered those prayers. This is keeping a track record, a reminder of how God walked with you through every situation and how He launched you from glory to glory, goal to goal.

"My journal was on Bible level sacred"

Tip #3 - Learn To Push Past The Fear

This push past your fear can be so cliche, but it the truth! I use to believe and pray God take the fear away from me... and it seemed that He would. Until I attempted to do something new and then the fear would come back. I am realizing that this is me feeling uncomfortable in my growth and that every time I try something new

Tip #4 - Be Ok With Making Mistakes

This is another cliche, but my Purpose Filled CEOs, there is no way around it. I you are alive, you are going to make mistakes. Lear to get past your mistakes quickly. Acknowledge it, understand what step you need to correct it and keep moving forward. Yes it can feel horrible to make a mistake that can set back your goals. Cray about it, scream, and rant, but keep moving.

Bonus Tip #5 - Break Up Your Goals

Sometimes your goals can be overwhelming! Breaking your goals into smaller more attainable steps can help you achieve them. An example may look like this:

Goal: Start and Launch New Business

Secure Business Name: Week One

Secure Business License, Insurance + Business Structure: Week Two - Week Four

Great Business Plans + Goals: Week Five -Week 8

and so on.

The goal is not to rush through such a monumental goal, but rather give your self time to accomplish each step correctly while not feeling over whelmed.

You Got This CEO!

Overall, there is no guarantee that you will no longer face the feeling of fear or uncertainty that may cause you to sabotage your goals, but consistently staying connected to God and realizing how amazing you are can minimize this.

A Prayer For Your Self-Sabotage

Father I thank you for this purpose filled individual! I thank you for the dreams, goals, and desires that you have placed in their life. Father I pray against the spirit of fear and delay that has kept them in a constant loop of failure and disappointment. God speak to them in their quiet time about what their next steps should be and strategize with them for great success. We pray against the spirit of delay, confusion and fear in their lives. In the might name of Jesus!


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