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Creating Space

So you Can Succeed - What Does Your Environment Say About Your Goals?

Welcome! I am excited you are here. You being here means that you are taking steps to achieving some major goals. This post is created to understanding your space and what it means for you.

Believe it or not, the space around you has a lot to do with your ability to set and achieve goals. One of the most difficult things I have done was attempt to create content or review a clients work with my 5 year old in the background.

Bubbles Guppies is not conducive to increasing your CEO goals.

Your Environment Matters

Your environment is everything! One aspect of our life that many business owner's take for granted is people. The people you surround yourself with is so important! Do you have someone that is genuinely invested as a hype man to your success. Do you have a mentor in place to help you through tough growth moments? Having an amazing support team can do wonders. I can always point out when a client is going to have a hard time completing one of my programs. They start to mis their sessions with me or fall behind on their goals. When they pull themselves out of the CEO environment, you begin to lose focus.

Question: Do you have a great support team?

“Clutter gives me anxiety.”

That's right, I said it. Clutter gives me anxiety. When things are super messy and unorganized I can't focus or worse yet, I don't want to be in that space.

That's why it is so important to create a space that makes you want to feel like getting stuff done! This is your first find a space or two that inspires you and makes you feel like the awesome boss babe that you are. .

Creating Space At Home

  • Find a space that has great lighting or in front of a window. Lighting is a key factor in setting the tone for what you want to do in that space.

  • Stay inspired by hanging inspirational quotes or photos on the wall. Your favorite business or design books are also great to keep on your desk or nearby coffee table.

  • Get cute office supplies! Who else likes a good excuse to go to Target? Make sure that you have a place for everything. This means pens, printing paper, paperclips all have a place!

  • If possible try not to do anything in this space other than getting stuff done. No television, leisure social media. This is a great way to train yourself to know that when you sit in that chair, you will be focused and ready to check things off your list.

Somedays you don't exactly feel like working from home or in the office.

When working in space outside of your home, you want to look for similar qualities that are in your regular workspace

  • Great lighting! Starbucks or a great coffee shop after the morning rush is a great location to check things off your to-do list.

  • Minimum noise. Ever been in s situation where you are reading the same sentence over and over again for the last 20 minutes? Not fun!

  • Look for great views that inspire. I love a good cityscape.

  • Avoid views that are too busy or cause distractions.

  • Be mindful of the temperature and dress accordingly. At home, it is easy to make your workspace comfortable. Bring a sweater or where lays so that you can adjust for the public space you will be working in.

Feeling great and doing great things.

Now that you have an idea of what creating space to succeed looks like. Know that the benefits of it are amazing. Imagine creating a life where you are surrounded by love and where you work and live all play a role in you feeling great and doing great things. This is not to say that there will not be challenges. This just means that you will have a better capacity to handle them if your space is created to succeed.


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