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Character Traits of a Great Planner

Its more than flowers and pretty things...

Soft Skills and Character Traits You Need as a Wedding Planner

“There is a lot more to being a planner than selecting the perfect color combination... .”

So you want to be an event planner? Great, but did you know there is a lot more to being a planner than selecting the perfect color combination or and being fabulous as you go to consultations with your client. Here are a few character traits that I believe can make you a great planner. Some of these you can grow through experience.

  1. The ability to troubleshoot Let's face it. As much as we exude master planner...the reality is that life happens and sometimes things do not go as expected. This is especially true when your plans involve other people. As a wedding planner, those plans involve lots of people from wedding day vendors, bridal party members, and guests. Things happen and you will need to know how to turn things right side up when moments start to go upside down.

  2. You Need to Know How to Handle Stress. Staying level-headed is literally a job description as a wedding planner. . In my opinion, some of the best wedding and event planners handle stress with ease. This may be something that you are still learning to handle as your experience grows. This is one reason why we offer hands-on experience within our program. If Uncle Bob decides to have a little too much to drink and starts spilling cannot have a met down or freeze up.

  3. Be a Good Listener Always is our job to make their wedding day dreams come true. To do that we have to be great listeners. We need to be able to hear what is important to them on this special day and even lend an ear when a couple becomes overwhelmed. I cannot tell you how many times I have called to confirm an appointment time with a client and it turned into a couch session about how a mom or other family member was giving them a hard time.

  4. Have Patience. Working with challenging clients is something you may have to get used to. Challenging does not equate to bad or difficult. One of my best clients had a really hard time deciding on some of her design options and made changes several times throughout the planning process. This is not an ideal situation for a planner, but it happens. Having patience with the client can be the difference between a good and great planning experience.

  5. You Have to Love People It is the weirdest thing to come across another wedding industry pro and they hate what they do and hate working with people. I get the best feeling when we are a key factor in making someone's event amazing and magical. We are the ones that help bring a couple's ideas to life as they celebrate life's special moments. If you don't like working with people, then you may want to explore some other career options.

Business Minded

The traits listed should apply to all businesses.”

Ultimately the goal is to have or develop skills that will help you in your client relationships and manage amazing events. This goes beyond the pretty things. When you get to the bottom. line, you are a business owner that has the opportunity to do something that they love. The traits listed should apply to all businesses. Those traits will allow yo to thrive in your customer relationships and understand the boundaries you need to put in place to allow you the creative space remain successful.


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